The Best Data Recovery From A Broken Disk?

The hard disk (internal or external) is intended to store your files . Like most computer components, it is a fragile element . A shock, a virus or improper handling can affect its proper functioning. So what to do with a broken hard drive? How to the data recovery it contains? Several solutions are available to you.

Free and paid data recovery software :

There are many free or paid software to help you recover your files . They are particularly recommended in the event of a logic failure . This type of failure concerns the data storage part and not the mechanical part . As a result, the hard drive appears to your operating system, but the operating system doesn’t know how to read it.

The causes responsible for logic failures are multiple:

  • improper handling of the disk
  • file corruption
  • formatting partitions , etc.

They do not require the case to be opened by a professional. Indeed, free Wikipedia data recovery software is usually enough to recover some (or even all) of the files.

Among the most recommended are Recuva , Disk Drill, Ease US data recovery Wizard and Test Disk . Beginners will appreciate the ease of use of the first three while Test Disk will appeal more to more experienced users. In all cases, the use remains the same: select the program then launch the analysis. Remember also that this type of program will help you find lost files stored on a USB key, memory card, etc.

Data Recovery

Most free software can recover lost files. But their functions are sometimes limited . If you want more options, paid software is for you. Besides the previously mentioned programs (which offer a paid version), we can mention Hexa scan . This has several advantages:

  • Its handling is easy
  • It supports a wide variety of file systems
  • It has a support service in French

It is a reference in the field.

Recover data from a broken disk : the expertise of a professional :

Who better than an expert knows how to repair a broken product? When the failure affects the mechanical part , lost data recovery software is ineffective. It can then be tempting to disassemble the case yourself to find out how to fix the problem. But that would be a big mistake! This could indeed cause a much larger disk failure that could cause you to lose all of your files. It is therefore preferable to leave the management of mechanical breakdowns to a specialist : only he knows how to solve the problem.

But then, how does the recovery of your data by a professional take place? This will first repair the broken component (motor, reading head, etc.). It will then proceed to the recovery phase . Be aware that the data found must be saved on another medium, the disk cannot be reused afterwards.

The maneuvers are carried out in a laboratory and more particularly, in a clean room . These sterile spaces make it possible to avoid any contact with dust or other pollutants. The professionals then handle each component meticulously . To do this, they use specific tools and follow specific techniques. A fingerprint on a tray or a particle of dust could indeed call into question all their work.

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