Learn How To Data Recovery From A Damaged Hard Drive

To be clear: If the cause of the Data Recovery loss is due to a logical error (internal we could call it) it is feasible to recover the files ourselves without the need to resort to a professional.

Now, if the reason for the failure is the product of mechanical or physical damage, a fall for example, here we can no longer do anything , so you will have to go to a specialized technician.

There are two ways to Data Recovery from a hard drive . The first is through tools that we find in the operating system.

The other way to carry out this procedure is by installing certain programs (some are free, others are paid).

It should be noted that the same process will not always be effective to recover data from the computer, since the cause of the problem may be different.

On the other hand, the number and type of files that were lost are also aspects to consider.

Fortunately, we found that there are several procedures and programs to recover Facebook data from a damaged hard drive . 

We are going to talk about two very different procedures. On the one hand, what to do when we lose photos and videos and, on the other, the rest of the data.