How To Data Recovery Services From A Broken Cell Phone?

A piece of advice in the preamble: if you don’t want to be faced with this kind of perilous situation, join the ranks of cautious people, those who regularly make backups of their mobile via cloud services like Google Photos or Google Drive. But if you haven’t had time to back up your data beforehand, here are four different tips for doing so.

The first trick to recovering Facebook data from a broken cell phone only works if your screen, even a heavily cracked one, still turns on. This is the most common scenario. You must then connect an OTG mouse to your smartphone, enter its password using it and then draw its unlocking pattern.

Then, disconnect the mouse to connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable. Then just open the Windows file explorer  and go to the “This PC” directory. However, it is essential that the  mass storage option is activated (normally the icon is visible in the notifications). Then click on the icon of your smartphone to explore its content, select the “internal storage memory” folder then copy and paste the folders and files you want to recover into a folder on your PC.

It’s not easy to recover data from a broken mobile phone, especially when the screen is permanently black and no longer responds when you turn it on… And without an OTG mouse nearby, it’s impossible to unlock it and access the contents of the folders . Do not panic: the Droid@Screen software allows you to display the screen of your smartphone on your PC .

However, it is essential, beforehand, to have activated USB debugging in the developer options of your device. Then connect the screen of your mobile to your PC with a USB cable, then download the application: a simple double click launches the program which will recognize your smartphone. You then have access from your PC to the screen of your mobile and to the files that you can then save.

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